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Introducing “Iron heart:” from MIR Hardwood’s Modern Collection

“Can be installed indoors AND outdoors, achieving a seamless, consistent look!” Iron Heart is made from Ipe- truly an amazing wood. Ipe has a Janka rating of over 3600 (3 times harder than Oak and 8 times harder than California Redwood), making it one of the densest woods that are currently available on the Market. […]

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MIR Hardwood’s Antique Wine Barrel Flooring

MIR Hardwood Design Introduces: Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring What better statement can you make than to have your custom wine cellar flooring made from real original Napa Valley Oak Barrels? Each wine barrel used in the production of wine is stamped with the insignia and vineyard label of the corresponding winery. This gives each barrel […]

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Introducing: Leather and Wood Parquet by MIR

  Introducing MIR Hardwood Design‘s exclusive Versailles Parquet integrating wood and leather! Edelman Leather is tanned by an age-old GREEN process using the finest, most selected European hides. Each piece of premium  Edelman leather and Aged Oak flooring is custom pre-cut to fit almost seamlessly within the parquet panels during installation. Now Shipping Worldwide! This MIR […]

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Working Closely with Designers

At MIR Hardwood Design, all of our flooring is custom designed for each individual client. Working closely with designers, architects, and residence owners, Irina Orlova-Ivashin, the President of MIR Hardwood, interprets each clients’ ideas into one-of-a-kind hardwood flooring designs. Irina approaches every project individually, integrating the needs, desires, and unique lifestyle of her clients. At […]

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Cleaning “Wax-Finished” Floors

If your hardwood floor has a waxed finish on it then follow the cleaning instructions below. To determine what type of finish you have read: How to Determine the Finish On Your Floors 1.    In places where you have the most foot traffic around your house, be sure to sweep, dry mop, or vacuum (with […]

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Cleaning “Surface-Finished” Hardwood Floors

A surface-finished floor is a hardwood floor that is coated with polyurethane, acrylic, or another urethane. If your floor has a surface finish then follow the cleaning instructions below. To determine what type of finish you have read: How to Determine the Finish On Your Floors 1.    In places where you have the most foot […]

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How to Determine the Finish On Your Floors

There are many different ways of cleaning your hardwood floors and it’s important to do your research. Because hardwood flooring can be finished in multiple ways, such as with a surface finish like polyurethane, or with a wax or oiled finish, the first thing you want to know before cleaning your floors is what type […]

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Daily Cleaning Tips

Cleaning routines for your hardwood floors all depend on your lifestyle. If you have guest over often, don’t take off your shoes before walking into the house, have dogs that like to play outside, or children that like to make a mess, this article is for you: Sweeping: When sweeping, use only a soft broom […]

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Cleaning Custom Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are perfect for the home because they are luxurious, more sanitary than carpeting, and they can be fairly easy to clean with the proper knowledge. Cleaning your floors on a daily basis is the ideal way to maintain your custom hardwood floors looking beautiful and long-lasting. Protect your floors from water and dirt: […]

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Luxury Floors by MIR Hardwood Design

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