Daily Cleaning Tips

Cleaning routines for your hardwood floors all depend on your lifestyle. If you have guest over often, don’t take off your shoes before walking into the house, have dogs that like to play outside, or children that like to make a mess, this article is for you:

Sweeping: When sweeping, use only a soft broom to prevent scratching! Sweep the dust and small dirt particles off your floors daily. This takes only a few minutes and can save your floors from build-up of dirt that can cause problems later.

Vacuuming: While sweeping works as a daily maintenance tactic, it should be supplemented with vacuuming one or twice a week. Since sweeping only cleans the surface of the floors, it can’t get all the dust particles out from the cracks in between boards or in the grain of the wood. Vacuuming can suck out the dirt left behind.

Deeper Cleaning: Sweeping and vacuuming work on a daily basis to promote healthy floors but more thorough cleaning is necessary every so often if you want long-lasting floors. It is a good idea to consult your flooring manufacturer for specific information of how to do it and what to use because every finish requires its own special cleaning.

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