Cleaning “Surface-Finished” Hardwood Floors

A surface-finished floor is a hardwood floor that is coated with polyurethane, acrylic, or another urethane. If your floor has a surface finish then follow the cleaning instructions below. To determine what type of finish you have read: How to Determine the Finish On Your Floors

1.    In places where you have the most foot traffic around your house, be sure to sweep daily (or as often as you can) to avoid a collection of dust and dirt. This step can help prevent dust particles from scratching your floors and dirt from building up in the cracks that is harder to clean later on.

2.    Depending on the foot traffic in your home (and of course if you have dogs or small children that play outside) you should mop your floors once a week for heavily trafficked homes, and once every three weeks for less foot traffic. When mopping: use a damp, NOT WET, mop along the grain of the wood. Once mopped, you MUST dry the floor completely to keep from water damage. Do not leave any water on the floor after mopping. MIR Hardwood Design recommends using “Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner” instead of plain water to mop the floors.

3.    Always buff the floor after mopping it. Using the softest cloth you have, wipe in a circular motion.

Following these steps is sure to give you clean, healthy, long-lasting floors for years to come. However, no matter how much cleaning you do on your own, there comes a time when your floors must be refinished to keep them looking fresh.  Find out when it’s time to call in the pros to refinish your hardwood floors in the article listed below.

See also: Cleaning “Wax-Finished” Hardwood Floors | “When Is It Time to Refinish My Hardwood Floors?”

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