The leading name in luxury flooring, MIR Hardwood Design has been the pre-eminent symbol of quality and prestige for over six decades. Only MIR Hardwood Design, Inc. offers 100% hand-finished hardwood floors.  Our illustrious selection of world-class custom hardwood floors, parquets, and stair cases enhance the beauty and ambiance of prestigious homes across the United States. Our highest quality hand-selected lumber and personalized craft is unparalleled in satisfying the desires of our elite clientele. We offer exclusive designs, incomparable workmanship, and unprecedented customer service.

Our company’s prominent rank in the industry has secured an affluent wood harvesting network around the world, granting our craftsmen the widest selection of woods on the market. Every one of our floors is unique and inimitable because each board is taken through a minimum 22-step hand-finishing process to achieve exquisite quality.  Our distinctive style, mastery, and sophistication stands as superior and unparalleled in the market.

“It was my dream to build a company based on personal relationships directly with my clients. A company big enough to take over the biggest and most complex projects and, at the same time, boutique enough to take personal care of each client’s needs. A company where everyone holds true to their words, where customer service and superior quality comes before all else. I wanted to build an absolute opposite to the types of corporations that have taken over the modern business world. Today, my team and I have achieved that dream, welcome to MIR Hardwood Design!”

Mark Chaplya,
Vice President

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